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Google offers bug bounty to clean up mobile apps

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 15:22

Google is offering security experts a bounty to identify Android app flaws as the Alphabet unit seeks to wipe out bugs from its Google Play store.

Each flaw will score at least $1,000 under the program announced on Thursday to back up automated checks that have failed to block malware and other problems that security experts say infect the 8-year-old app store far more than Apple Inc’s rival App Store.

Google will partner with HackerOne, a bug bounty program management website, to target a list of apps and flaws such as those that allow a hacker to redirect a user to a phishing website or infect a gadget with a virus.

Latest Gmail feature will make your life easier

Software scans cannot match a person’s ability to discover “a truly creative hack,” Vineet Buch, director of product management for Google Play Apps and Games, said in an interview.

The Google Play Security Reward Program effectively sponsors research into software created by other companies. Bug bounties by Microsoft Corp, Apple and Alphabet have been awarded only for tracing flaws in their own software.

“We don’t just care about our own apps, but rather the overall health of the ecosystem,” Buch said. “It’s like offering a reward for a missing person even if you don’t know who the missing person is personally.”

Google did not reveal the funding for its program, but said it would start small.

Facebook, Google accused of setting up anti-refugee ads during US election

Google’s bug bounty program for its Android mobile operating system, launched in June 2015, doled out $1.5 million for hundreds of vulnerability reports over its first two years.

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Zardari calls for immediate arrest of Nawaz, his family

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 14:14

Former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday demanded that Nawaz Sharif and his family must be arrested immediately and made to face accountability just like he and his family did.

The PPP would not accept any deviation in this regard, said Zardari in a statement issued from Lahore, where he was addressing a meeting of the party’s manifesto committee.

The Sharif family, he said, was being accorded VIP protocol while facing accountability. Their requests for bail were being immediately approved while he had sometimes to wait for two and a half years for bail approvals, he added.

Party switch: Another PML-N leader defects to PPP

Zardari said that they routinely arrested “us and sent us to jail first before even looking at our cases”. He added, “We faced trials held at different venues. I wish the Sharif family has to endure the same.”

He reminded that Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was the first leader who allowed all Pakistanis to have passports. “Millions of Pakistanis are now living abroad and are prosperous. They are remitting foreign exchange and strengthening the national economy,” he added.

The former president of Pakistan also reminded that Benazir Bhutto had provided jobs to hundreds of thousands of young people when she ascended to power.

“She also restored the jobs of people terminated during the Zia regime. Elements who didn’t want people to prosper filed references against Benazir even for providing jobs to people. Anti-people forces dismissed her governments, rendering numerous government servants jobless,” he said.

“But when the PPP again ascended to power, it not only created new resources for jobs but also provided jobs to hundreds of thousands of people, restoring employees who were removed during the Nawaz Sharif era,” he added.

It’s not Sindh but your politics that will be ruined, Bilawal tells rivals

Terming the PPP’s manifesto revolutionary, Zardari said that education, health and peace were among top priorities of his party.

The PPP, he said, wanted to convert Pakistan into a welfare state in accordance with the vision and philosophy of Benazir Bhutto. “She envisioned a country with free access to justice and a state where people have full right to make progress.”

Senators Syed Naiyyar Hussain Bukhari, Saleem Mandviwala, Sherry Rehman, Mian Manzoor Wattoo, Chaudhry Lateef Akbar, Amjad Hussain, Dr Nafeesa Shah, Sabir Baloch, Akhundzada Chattan, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro and Syed Naveed Qamar attended the meeting.

Zardari dismisses talk of deal in his acquittal

Meanwhile, senior PPP leader Malik Hakmeen Khan met Zardari at the Zardari House in Lahore. They discussed the overall domestic situation in general and the political situation in district Attock in particular.

Appreciating Khan’s services for the party, Zardari asked him to mobilise party workers for the election campaign in Rawalpindi division.

Meanwhile, Zardari confirmed the candidacy of vice-president of PPP’s women wing Nasira Meo from NA-138 Kasur.

Nasira Meo said that Zardari announced this a day ago at a party meeting in Lahore.

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PM Abbasi, Chaudhry Nisar, Saad Rafique will desert PML-N soon: Sheikh Rasheed

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 13:59

Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Shaikh Rasheed predicted on Friday that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) faced mass desertions by its ranks and said that entire party leadership from southern Punjab was ready to leave.

Addressing a rally outside Lal Haveli in Rawalpindi, Rasheed said that many PML-N heavyweights, including Nawaz loyalist Saad Rafiq and critic Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan were preparing to quit the party. He went on claim that even Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi would leave the party.

“The PML-N’s disintegration has begun,” he said. “Saad Rafique, Chaudhry Nisar and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will soon leave Nawaz Sharif’s party,” he added. To pour scorn on his rivals, he said: “Those who claim that I [Rasheed] won’t come to the assembly are themselves scared.”

Party switch: Another PML-N leader defects to PPP

Rasheed, while referring to the Hudaibiya Paper Mill case against Sharif, claimed that he alone fought the case and stood firm on his stance that “Pakistan and corruption cannot go together”.

Criticising Sharif, he said the Hudaibiya Papers Mills reference in NAB would be “the last straw that broke the camel’s back”.

The AML chief said that Maryam Nawaz, Sharif’s daughter, was being investigated for corruption, theft and submission of fake documents yet she comes to the court with a protocol as if she was the prime minister of the country.

He said those looting the country’s assets were now retaliating too. “These are the people who deposited $33 million in a foreign bank,” adding, “Each and every document relating to the transaction is there to prove their guilt.”

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PPP’s vocal Senator Babar quits Senate defence committee

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 13:34

ISLAMABAD: Senator Farhatullah Babar of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), who is known for posing critical questions to the security establishment, has been replaced with Farooq H Naik in the Senate Standing Committee on Defence.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Babar confirmed that he had resigned from the 12-member Senate panel, headed by Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid’s Mushahid Hussain Syed, around six weeks ago.

The PPP has three representatives in the panel, and has replaced Babar with Naik. Babar, however, did not say why he chose to quit the important committee.

Babar is one of the most active senators and has often times raised critical questions on pressing matters, however many of his questions remain unanswered. He is also an avid supporter of human rights, having repeatedly spoken on the issue of enforced disappearances and missing persons.

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Two Karachi hospitals on ‘high-alert’ after terrorist attack threat

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 12:17

Security has been tightened after intelligence agencies issued a warning of a possible terrorist attack at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) and adjoining National Institute of Child Health (NICH) in Karachi.

According to Express News, police have been warned about the threat through a letter that states that al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) is preparing to attack public hospitals, where terrorists can hold doctors, staff and patients as hostages in coming days.

There is also a possibility of severe destruction through planned explosions at nuclear plants and oxygen reserves in the vicinity, according to the letter.

Lyari gang war commander killed in Karachi encounter

Following the tipoff, Rangers and police personnel have taken over the security responsibilities and increased the number of paramilitary forces deployed at the two hospitals.

Overnight, a search operation was also carried out and special commandos were deployed at key positions.

Jinnah Hospital’s Executive Director Dr Seemi Jamali and NICH Director Prof Jamal Raza have been directed to restrict movement and increase security measures at the hospitals.

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Tillerson to enlist Pakistan help for peaceful solution in Afghanistan

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:56

WASHINGTON DC: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will pay his maiden visit to Pakistan this month during which he would discuss joint efforts against terrorism and expanding economic ties between the two countries, a State Department spokesperson announced on Thursday.

The visit to Pakistan is part of Secretary Tillerson’s first visit to Asia, which will also take him to India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Geneva, Spokesman Heather Nauert told a briefing at the State Department.

“The secretary will meet with senior Pakistani leaders to discuss our continued bilateral cooperation, Pakistan’s critical role in the success of our South Asia strategy, and the expanding economic ties between our two countries,” the spokesperson said.

She said the secretary was due to meet with the prime minister, foreign minister, and senior military officials to discuss joint efforts between Pakistan and the United States to fight terrorist groups that threaten regional peace and stability and how “Pakistan can support our effort to reach a peaceful solution in Afghanistan”.

Secretary Tillerson’s visit to Islamabad follows the visit by Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif to Washington this month during which he met high US officials to discuss the US-Pakistan relations and the new South Asia strategy announced by President Trump in August.

Responding to a question about the US-India ties and whether Washington would take side in issues between Pakistan and India like the cross-border firing across the Line of Control, the spokesperson said that the US had always been very cautious about addressing those issues, “not wanting to contribute to any additional tensions”.

President Donald Trump thanks Pakistan for ‘doing more’

After his visit to Islamabad, Secretary Tillerson will travel to New Delhi as part of his Asia visit. He will begin his visit from Oct 20 from Saudi Arabia where he will take part in the inaugural Coordination Council meeting between the governments of Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The secretary will also meet with various Saudi leaders to discuss the conflict in Yemen, the ongoing Gulf dispute, Iran, and another – other important regional and bilateral issues.

Secretary Tillerson will then travel to Doha, where he will speak with Qatari leaders and US military officials to discuss joint counterterrorism efforts and the ongoing Gulf dispute and other regional and bilateral issues, including both Iran and Iraq.

On the last leg of his visit, Secretary Tillerson will visit Geneva, where he will meet with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, International Organisation for Migration and the International Committee of Red Cross to discuss Afghanistan and Pakistan and also a number of other global humanitarian crises including Burma and Syria.

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Pollution beats violence in causing deaths in Pakistan

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:43

Pollution beats arch-rivals wars and violence and even hunger and natural disasters, when it comes to causing death, not only in Pakistan but also the world at large. It brings more deaths than any single disease – way more than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

World-wide pollution claimed the lives of 9 million people in 2015 – one in every six deaths that year with almost half of them in India and China. But proportionate to the numbers, Bangladesh beats them all with 26.6% of all deaths, followed by India (24.5%) and (Pakistan 21.9%).

According to the latest report on the issue, published in prestigious The Lancet Medical Journal on Friday, almost all the deaths world-wide (92%) happened in low- and middle-income countries, with air pollution the main culprit, felling 6.5 million people.

As South Asia has embarked on a rapid industrialisation, the region’s top-three most-populated nations account for more than one third (3,117,603) of these deaths. In Pakistan, 311,189 died because of pollution in 2015, according to the report.

“Pollution and related diseases most often affect the world’s poor and powerless, and victims are often the vulnerable and the voiceless,” said co-author Karti Sandilya of Pure Earth, an anti-pollution NGO.

DC urges measures to control pollution

“As a result, pollution threatens fundamental human rights, such as the right to life, health, wellbeing, safe work, as well as protections of children and the most vulnerable.”

With global welfare losses of about $4.6 trillion per year, the economic cost of pollution-related deaths and disease is also concentrated in the developing world. “Proportionally, low-income countries pay 8.3 percent of their gross national income to pollution-related death and disease, while high-income countries pay 4.5 percent,” said the researchers.

Aside from outright poisoning, pollution causes an array of deadly ailments such as heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The deadliest form, responsible for more than two-thirds of deaths, was air pollution, they added.

This includes outdoor pollution from factory and car emissions, and indoor pollution from wood, charcoal, coal, dung or crop waste being burnt for heating and cooking.

After water pollution in second place with 1.8 million deaths, “workplace pollution including exposure to toxins and carcinogens was linked to 0.8 million deaths,” said the report, which is based largely on 2015 data from the Global Burden of Disease.

These included the lung disease pneumoconiosis in coal workers, bladder cancer in dye workers, and asbestosis and lung cancer in workers exposed to asbestos.

Pollution killed nine million people in 2015: report

“Lead pollution was linked to 0.5 million deaths that resulted from high blood pressure, renal failure and cardiovascular disease,” said the report.

In a separate comment, The Lancet editors Pamela Das and Richard Horton said the report came at a “worrisome time, when the US government’s Environmental Protection Agency, headed by Scott Pruitt, is undermining established environmental regulations.”

The latest findings, they added, should serve as a “call to action”. “Pollution is a winnable battle…. Current and future generations deserve a pollution-free world,” the pair wrote. Pruitt announced this month the US would pull out of former president Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

There was some good news in the report too. Deaths due to water and household air pollution dropped from 5.9 million in 1990 to 4.2 million in 2015, said the report authors, as poor countries became richer.

On the other hand, deaths from pollution associated with industrial development — such as outdoor air pollution, chemical and soil pollution, increased from 4.3 million to 5.5 million over the same period.

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‘Adversity tests brave men,’ Maryam tweets after Sharif indicted in 3rd graft case

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:36

Hours after an accountability court on Friday indicted ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif in another corruption case, his daughter Maryam Nawaz took to the microblogging website Twitter to say that the trials are just an adverse moment for her “brave” father.

“Fire tests gold, adversity tests brave men. Allah is Sufficient for us,” twitted Maryam who is widely tipped as the political heir apparent of Nawaz Sharif.

Fire tests gold, adversity tests brave men. Allah is Sufficient for us.

— Maryam Nawaz Sharif (@MaryamNSharif) October 20, 2017

The accountability court indicted the deposed premier in the Flagship Investment Ltd reference filed against him by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Sharif’s lawyer, Zafir Khan, entered a plea of not guilty.

If Sharif convicted, Shehbaz will be PML-N candidate for PM slot

The charge sheet, read out by Justice Muhammad Bashir, stated that the former premier had assets beyond his known means of income. It also said Sharif held public offices between 2007 and 2014, when he was also the chairman of Flagship Investment.

A day earlier, Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam and son-in-law Captain (retd) Mohammad Safdar were indicted in a NAB reference pertaining to their Avenfield flats in London, UK.

In its July 28 landmark judgment in the Panama Papers case, a five-judge bench of the Supreme Court unanimously ousted Sharif for concealing assets in his nomination papers for 2013 elections.

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Young man accused of creating girl’s fake Facebook profile sent to jail

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:33

PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court rejected on Friday the bail application of Taimur Ahmad, who is accused of creating a fake Facebook account of a girl and posting her photographs online without her permission.

Justice Roohul Amin Khan heard the case and rejected the bail application, ordering police officials to send the accused to jail.

The complainant accused Ahmad, a resident of Swat valley, of impersonation, arguing that the latter made a fake Facebook in the name of the girl, and uploaded her photographs on the internet.

The court was told that a session court had already rejected Ahmad’s bail, as his crime was of a “serious nature” in the digital age.

The case against the accused had been registered with the Federal Investigation Agency; he was arrested and produced before the court after an investigation.

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First trailer of Shaan Shahid’s ‘Arth 2’ released and it’s thought-provoking

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:23

The first official trailer of Shaan Shahid’s film, ArthThe Destination was released on Friday and it suffices to say that it is most definitely a contemporary take on Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth.

The cast, comprising Shaan himself, Humaima Malick, Mohib Mirza and Uzma Hassan, will be reenacting the roles from Mahesh Bhatt’s original story of Arth, which was released in 1982.

Bearing very little semblance to the style of the original, the upcoming flick radiates a panache that screams ‘up-to-the-minute’ and exudes fashion in every snippet.

arth 2

From Shan donning rocker style leather jackets to Humaima adorned in modish dresses, the movie will surely impart style goals.

But that’s not it…

The trailer will also, undoubtedly, incite various emotions within audiences. From disappointment, enamour and envy to obsession, joy and utter gloom, Arth – The Destination is chock-full of scenes and characters that are larger than life.

Shaan and Humaima’s take on Mashesh Bhatt’s Arth will be first Bollywood film to be remade in Pakistan

Extremely relatable and thought-provoking, the promo gives a sneak-peak into what’s in store for us. All the characters emit emotional vibes and seem to be possessed by diverse tendencies.

And with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s vocals resonating in the background, the visuals seem all the more intense.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 9.46.47 PM

While Shan’s character of ‘Ali’ comes off as a complex singer, who is confused, pensive yet driven, Uzma’s character, which is that of a writer, portrays passion, devotion for her husband, and an undying thirst to be herself.


Mohib plays ‘Umar’ who seems to be a prolific film-maker with a heavy gust of confidence, someone who is unapologetically sure of himself – and Humaima’s character is brimming with superstardom, yet you’ll find traces of instability and obsession in her tone.

5 potential Pakistani blockbusters we’re desperately waiting for

The film circles around the lives of these characters – the paths they choose and the destinations they reach, and how, in this trajectory, their lives evolve. It is expected to be released worldwide in cinemas on December 21, 2017.


“I have put my heart and soul into making this movie for it was a challenge to make a romantic film after so many years,” Shaan said in a statement. “I view the forthcoming film as an opportunity to strengthen the film fraternity of the two countries.”


Shaan will step into Raj Kiran’s shoes while Humaima – the Bol star – will be seen playing Smita Patil’s role of Kavita and Uzma will be essaying Shabana Azmi while Mohib will play the role of Inder Malhotra.

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Vietnam rice paper artisans roll with tradition

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:42

CAN THO, VIETNAM: Stuffed, rolled, baked or fried: rice paper rules in food-obsessed Vietnam, where diners have spurned factory-made versions for homespun ones, propping up a thriving cottage industry in the Mekong Delta.

They’re a staple on dinner tables from north to south, eaten fresh with fish, fried with pork, or baked on an open flame and eaten like crackers — a popular bar snack.


But regardless of how they’re prepared, one thing most people in Vietnam agree on: homemade is always better.

“It’s better than the factory version, try it, it’s tastier,” Nguyen Thi Hue told AFP, offering a baked coconut version at her roadside snack stop in southern Can Tho province.

She sources her ‘banh trang’ in nearby Thuan Hung village, known for producing some of the finest in the Mekong Delta, long renowned as the “rice bowl of Vietnam”.

Ha Thi Sau (top) pours a rice and sesame mixture onto a hot fire stove as her 16-year-old daughter Dang Thi Bich Thien (bottom) rolls rice paper onto a mat for drying at their home in Thuan Hung Village in the Mekong Delta. PHOTO: AFP

Some families earn a living making rice paper, even as factories have popped up producing creative flavours like salted shrimp, coconut or versions made with the notoriously potent durian fruit.

“Customers prefer those produced handmade in the village. We don’t use chemicals, they’re just natural,” said 26-year-old Bui Minh Phi, a third-generation rice paper maker in Thuan Hung.

He can earn $65 per day spinning the trade, or double that during the busy lunar new year period.

It’s a common sentiment in Vietnam, where many diners eschew fast food joints for home-style restaurants serving pho noodle soup or banh mi sandwiches like their grandmothers might have made it.

A vendor takes a nap after the morning rush at a market where rice paper is sold in Can Tho, in the Mekong Delta. PHOTO: AFP

Rice paper making is a matter of family heritage for many like Ha Thi Sau.

On a recent morning in Thuan Hung, she tutored her daughter on the age-old technique she learned from her aunt: pour the sweetened batter — a secret family recipe — onto a pan, before transferring to a bamboo mat.


The operation remains a family affair: Sau’s son-in-law feeds the fire with rice husks, while her 83-year-old mother washes dishes on the river bank. Though other jobs are available in her village — once a rural backwater now dotted with modern cafes and mobile phone shops — she doesn’t dream of abandoning her trade.

“I’ve been making rice paper for so long, I don’t want to leave it for another job,” she said, as the scent of coconut wafted in the air.


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Conte, Chelsea fans sing Morata’s praises

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:38

STOKE-ON-TRENT: Alvaro Morata will approach Chelsea’s Champions League trip to Atletico Madrid next week in top form after his hat-trick inspired his side to a 4-0 win at Stoke City.

Morata struck three times at the bet365 Stadium on Saturday to take his Chelsea tally to seven goals in six games since his close-season move from Atletico’s local rivals Real Madrid.

There was also relief, for Morata and manager Antonio Conte, that Chelsea’s fans dropped a controversial chant about the Spain striker that contained an anti-Semitic reference to rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

“Our fans were fantastic today and they pushed a lot the team in every moment of the game,” said Conte, whose side follow their trip to Spain with a home game against Manchester City next weekend. “In this stadium the crowd push a lot and I want to thank our fans because I repeat they helped a lot the team today. It was great also to change it (the song). I am also pleased about this.”

Regarding his in-form striker, the former Juve boss added: “I think Alvaro performed very well. He scored a hat-trick and for our strikers it’s very important. It means we created chances for our strikers to take, but I am pleased for his performance and I’m pleased for the performance of the team.”

Morata had previously asked Chelsea’s fans not to sing the song about him and they responded by dreaming up a different chant in his honour.

He opened the scoring after just 81 seconds and added two more goals in the second half after Pedro had punished Darren Fletcher’s error to make it 2-0.

“It’s not easy to win away against Stoke. This game is always difficult,” added Conte, whose side trail leaders Manchester City and Manchester United by three points. “I remember very well last season when we struggled a lot to win and we also won at the end of the game. Today we started very well and then we started to suffer and it was important not to lose our composure, to always stay in the game.”

Conte confirmed goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois had suffered no ill-effects from a heavy landing on his neck during the second half and will be fit to face his former club Atletico.

Stoke manager Mark Hughes had no such comfort after he saw his side undone by horrible defensive errors, then reported his centre-back crisis could extend into next week’s home game against Southampton.

Hughes will have Kurt Zouma available after the Chelsea defender was prevented from playing against Conte’s men by the terms of his loan to Stoke.

But Bruno Martins Indi, the only central defender who was available to start against Chelsea, has joined Ryan Shawcross, Geoff Cameron and Kevin Wimmer on the injured list after limping off with a groin problem.

Hughes said: “There were extenuating circumstances with our difficulties with personnel at the back and with Bruno coming off. We’ve got Kurt back next week, but all the others are out so we could struggle again next week.”

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Zapata, Alvarez help Sampdoria down Milan

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:33

MILAN: Duvan Zapata and Ricky Alvarez scored as Sampdoria condemned big-spending AC Milan to their second defeat of the Serie A campaign 2-0 in Genoa on Sunday.

Zapata broke through after a terrible clearance by his cousin and fellow Colombia international Cristian Zapata after 72 minutes with substitute Alvarez getting the second just before the whistle.

Chinese-owned Milan again showed their difficulty against teams in the top half of the table as they stay fifth after six games with Sampdoria, who have a game in hand, moving sixth just a point behind.

Serie A: Juventus host plucky Chievo

“We deserved this victory, we fought to the end and must build on this performance,” said Zapata. “It’s important for us to keep a clean sheet too, now we need to rest and prepare for another important match.”

Milan had problems defensively with Cristian Zapata having a forgettable afternoon and Leonardo Bonucci and Alessio Romagnoli performing little better.

Sampdoria dominated from the outset with the visitors having a scare after two minutes when Ivan Strinic’s cross hit Franck Kessie on the arm and the referee awarded a penalty.

Dybala hat-trick pushes Juve to top

However, the decision was overturned by the video assistant referee.

After Saturday’s victories of leaders Juventus and Napoli, Sunday’s action will be dominated by the clash between Inter Milan, in third, and struggling Genoa, which would allow Inter to stay withing two points of the leaders.

Paulo Dybala scored a double as Juventus outclassed 10-man Torino 4-0 in the Turin derby to stay top of Serie A alongside Napoli who battled past SPAL 3-2.

The Argentine striker has now scored an impressive ten goals in six Serie A games with Miralem Pjanic and Alex Sandro also on target at the Allianz Stadium. AS Roma cruised past Udinese 3-1.

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Acting Indian HC summoned over killing of Pakistani civilians in LoC ceasefire violations

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:26

The acting director general of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) summoned acting Indian Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh on Sunday to condemn the unprovoked ceasefire violations by the Indian army on the Line of Control (LoC) causing the death of Pakistani civilians.

He condemned Indian aggression in Kotli and Nikial Sub Sector back on September 22 wherein a 22-year-old woman, Tashiba, was martyred and two others were seriously injured.

Despite calls for restraint India continues to break the ceasefire with 873 violations by their army which has resulted in the martyrdom of 39 civilians as well as injuries to 144 in this year alone along the LoC.

Civilian martyred, two injured in Indian firing along LoC

He implored the Indian side to respect the 2003 ceasefire arrangement as well as calling for a probe into the incidents.

He said that the deliberate targeting of civilians is deplorable and contrary to international human rights and humanitarian laws.

He urged the Indian side to permit the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan to play its role mandated as per the UN security council resolutions.

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Recent results means nothing: Mourinho

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:18

SOUTHAMPTON: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says it is too early to talk about a challenge for the Premier League title despite watching his side win their fifth match out of six.

United, who have not won the title since Alex Ferguson was at the helm in 2013, are second in the table, level with Manchester City on 16 points, but with an inferior goal difference.

The Portuguese manager conceded his team have started better than last season but sees next month, when they face Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, as more significant.

It will be hard without Pogba, says Mkhitaryan

“I know that last season (by) this fixture I think we would have, maybe, five or six points less than we have this season,” he said. “So we are better this season than last. But this is nothing. It’s just a start. A difficult period with an accumulation of matches, that comes in October. I really think that six teams are going to fight for the title.”

Manchester City’s 5-0 demolition of Crystal Palace on Saturday took them clear of United at the top but the hard-fought 1-0 win at Southampton showed off United’s battling qualities instead of the attacking prowess they have demonstrated in recent weeks.

But United’s victory was marred by more crude chanting from the away fans about goalscorer Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku urged to gobble up Toffees

United looked likely to win comfortably after Lukaku’s 19th-minute goal, but had to rely on a hard-pressed defence in the second half and Mourinho praised Phil Jones and Eric Bailly’s performance in the centre of the defence.

“And also Chris Smalling,” he said. “We did for the last 20 minutes what the majority of the Premier League teams are doing, which is to play defensively with five at the back. We had chances to kill the game and score the second goal, but didn’t.”

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Imran demands immediate general elections, FATA’s merger with K-P

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:17

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan demanded on Sunday that the general elections be held immediately and also that Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) be merged with Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

“We have lost confidence in the incumbent Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP),” he told reporters.

“The Supreme Court should dissolve the ECP and reconstitute a new one for holding early elections,” he added.

Imran files petition against ECP in IHC

“The ECP doesn’t have the right to issue contempt notices to anyone.”

The PTI chief said the new PM (Shahid Khaqan Abbasi), to justify continue holding his seat, should seek a fresh mandate from the masses.

He went on to demand that the names of deposed PM Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and the National Accountability Bureau chief should be placed on the exit control list.

Talking about Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s iqama case, Khan said the minister would meet the same fate as Nawaz Sharif, who was disqualified by the top court on July 28.

ECP directs Islamabad police to arrest PTI chief

Earlier this month, the ECP had issued a bailable warrant for the arrest of Khan after he failed to personally appear before the polls supervisory body in a contempt case.

A show-cause notice for contempt, dated August 24, was issued on an application filed in January this year by Akbar S Babar – a former PTI leader and the main petitioner in an already pending case with regard to the PTI’s alleged funding by foreign sponsors.

However, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had suspended the bailable warrants of arrest issued by the ECP against the PTI chairman.

An IHC bench, comprising Justice Aamer Farooq, Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani and Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb, suspended the top electoral body’s order while directing counsel for the PTI Babar Awan to submit a reply to the show-cause notice duly signed by Khan before the ECP by September 25.

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Laver Cup: Not partnering up full-time, clarify Nadal, Federer

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:12

PRAGUE: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer ruled out a full-time partnership on the tour as the world’s highest ranking duo handed Team Europe, skippered by Bjorn Borg, a 9-3 lead over Team World, captained by John McEnroe, after two days of action in Prague.

After Nadal and Federer had won their singles rubbers, all eyes at Prague’s sold-out O2 Arena were then on the two legends who played on the same side of the net for the first time in careers which have stretched the best part of two decades.

They started the doubles against Sam Querrey and Jack Sock on a high, earning a break in the first set to win 6-4.

They visibly enjoyed the experience, with Federer laughing off a massive air shot halfway through the set.

However, they were in far more serious mood in the second set as both lost their serve, allowing the American pair to level with a 6-1 win.

Much to their relief, the world’s top two players, with 35 Grand Slam singles titles between them, regained their composure in time to sweep their rivals 10/5 in a super tie-break.

But they both denied planning a future as a doubles pair, saying it was “not a good idea”.

“I don’t want to kill your expectations,” Federer told Nadal.

Nadal, 31, said he will remember the night he teamed up with his old rival and close friend for the first time.

“It was unforgettable for both of us after the history we have behind us as rivals. Something we really enjoyed a lot,” said the Spanish star. “To have the possibility to have Roger next to me is a huge privilege… something I wanted to make happen at some point and today I made it happen.”

Federer felt the same way. “He said it all,” chuckled 36-year-old Federer. “For me personally it was a great moment too. After this we’ll be rivals again, thanks God or unfortunately, but… this was something very special. This is a memory for the rest of the lifetime. My last doubles was so long ago that I hardly remembered how to react at the net,” said Federer, forcing “You did extremely well!” from Nadal.

On Sunday, three singles and one doubles will close the tournament, with the players earning three points for each win after two on Saturday and one on Friday.

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Aubameyang hits three in Monchengladbach rout

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 09:03

BERLIN: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang grabbed a hat-trick as Borussia Dortmund romped to a 6-1 home thrashing of Borussia Monchengladbach to regain top spot in the Bundesliga on Saturday.

Gladbach had no answer to Peter Bosz’s fleet-footed Dortmund, who opened a two-point lead over Hoffenheim at the top in a perfect confidence boost before Tuesday’s Champions League clash with holders Real Madrid.

Aubameyang, last season’s top scorer in Germany’s top flight, has now netted eight goals in six league games — one ahead of main rival Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich.

Dortmund thrash Hamburg to claim top spot

Left winger Maximilian Philipp scored Dortmund’s first two goals before Aubameyang’s hat-trick, with defensive midfielder Julian Weigl scoring a superb sixth.

“We were very dominant. It was an intense game and we can be very satisfied,” said Philipp, who also scored two goals against Cologne last weekend.

Weigl was delighted to score on only his second game back from injury.

Beating Dortmund ‘massive’ for confidence: Pochettino

“It feels great, the goal was the icing on the cake,” said the Germany midfielder. “We were lucky that Gladbach did not use their chances and usually they have the quality to fix problems.”

After third-placed Bayern threw away a two-goal lead on Friday in a 2-2 draw at home to Wolfsburg, Dortmund are now three points ahead of the defending champions.

Bayern could finish the weekend in fourth if Hanover 96 beat bottom side Cologne on Sunday.

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Kane one of world’s best, says Pochettino

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 08:53

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino says he is “in love” with Harry Kane after the red-hot forward took his tally to six goals in four games.

Kane’s brace helped Spurs secure a 3-2 win at West Ham United on Saturday that helped ensure they did not risk losing further ground on early Premier League pacesetters Manchester City and Manchester United.

And Pochettino said the forward’s display reinforced his view that the England international is one of the best strikers in the world and deserving of every accolade directed his way.

Revenge not on our mind, says Tottenham’s Pochettino

“He is one of the best strikers anywhere, not only in England,” he said. “I find it hard to find the words to describe him. I am in love like the fans are in love, like his team-mates are in love. He is so humble, he keeps all the values that managers like me appreciate a lot. That is why I am in love with him for different reasons.”

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic said he shared Pochettino’s glowing assessment of Kane.

“The best compliment I can give him is put it like this — we played with three centre-backs and they had a really good game,” said Bilic. “They are mostly against him and (Dele) Alli, and still he was using those situations and decided the game for them. He is definitely one of the best in the world. He is doing it week in week out now.”

Beating Dortmund ‘massive’ for confidence: Pochettino

It was Tottenham’s third away win of the campaign, a record that stands in sharp contrast to their problems at home, where they have collected just two points from their opening three games at Wembley.

“Now we need to start to feel good at Wembley, to make it feel like home,” said Pochettin. “The next challenge is to win there.”

Kane struck twice in four first-half minutes at London Stadium to put Tottenham in control of the meeting with their London rivals before Christian Eriksen added a third on the hour.

But Pochettino’s side were forced to endure a nervy ending after Javier Hernandez kickstarted West Ham’s response with a 65th-minute header.

Spurs full-back Serge Aurier was sent off after collecting a second yellow card in the 70th minute and Cheikhou Kouyate fuelled West Ham’s hopes of claiming a point with an 87th-minute header.

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Sarfraz and co leave for UAE ahead of Sri Lanka series

Sun, 09/24/2017 - 08:52

KARACHI: Pakistan are all set to step into a new era in their storied Test history as they travelled to the UAE early on Sunday to take on Sri Lanka under new skipper Sarfraz Ahmed.

The travelling entourage comprises of 16 members of the team and nine officials of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The two-Test series begins on Thursday, September 28, with the second match taking place on on October 6.

Fit-again Yasir retained for Sri Lanka Tests

The Test team was announced on Saturday, where five uncapped players were included in the team as the team looks to move on from the retirements of legends Younus Khan and Misbahul Haq.

That doesn’t mean the Test team won’t have familiar faces in it, with Yasir Shah being passed fit for the first Test despite fears that he may be sidelined due to fitness issues; the primary reason the announcement of the team was delayed.

The Test team’s most consistent batsman of the last couple of years, Azhar Ali, also makes it despite struggling with a knee injury.

The squad

Chief selector Inzamamul Haq, addressing a press conference, announced the names of the 16 players in the squad, which includes five fast-bowlers and two specialist spinners as Sarfraz looks to find the arsenal required to take 20 wickets on the dry unresponsive pitches of the Middle Eastern desert.

In pictures: Pakistan train for Sri Lanka series with practice match

Batsmen Haris Sohail and Usman Salahuddin are in line to play the five-day game for the first time, having already featured in ODIs previously. The duo will be looking to make the spots left behind by Misbah and Younus their own.

Spin-bowling all-rounder Bilal Asif and left-armer Mohammad Asghar are the other players in the squad yet to play in Tests along with fast-bowler Mir Hamza.

The players featured in a five-day training camp before leaving for the UAE, while they will also be taking part in a practice session in the UAE on Monday morning.

Pakistan and Sri Lanka will also play five ODIs and three T20Is; the last of which is scheduled to be in Lahore on October 29.

India thrashing boosted morale, says Sri Lanka coach before Pakistan series

Sarfraz, leading the side in whites for the first time, has warned his charges that victory against Sri Lanka will not come easy for the team.

The skipper admitted Younus and Misbah’s departure has left a team with a void that needs to be filled as soon as possible.

Batting coach Grant Flower, on the other hand, has earmarked Usman Salahuddin and Babar Azam are potential players to fill the gap of two legendary players.

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