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Mohajir – Socially and Politically Correct!

ALTAF Hussain’s demand for a separate province, despite subsequent clarifications, has reignited debate on the role, status and even nomenclature of Mohajirs. Such debates take two extreme positions.

Sardars and Baloch Nationalism

The gathering poignancy of the ongoing unrest in Baluchistan, which has recently begun to demonstrate a strident foreign dimension, has riveted the national attention on bringing peace and stability to this strategically located province of Pakistan.

PTI – Unable To Impress Karachi

Despite of the fact that Taliban continue to slaughter innocent men and women across Pakistan, PTI and Imran Khan have refused to condemn these terrorist outfits. I strongly condemn the Taliban and would like my representatives to at-least have the courage to condemn as well, hence I will not vote for PTI. MQM on the other hand is very open and clear about condemning these brutal killers. ARIF ALVI didn't!

Let your decision not be political but analytical.

Pakistan’s blooming population of young people is highly conservative, overwhelmingly pessimistic about the future and has a very low opinion of democracy, a study has found.

Divide and Malign Sind: Controversial Quota System

I am still unable to get rid of the terrible images of two incidents of my early life which I have been carrying in my mind for the last 40 years even living abroad since the last 20 years.

Will the real believers please rise!

People will always find ways to spread bigotry and violence, be it through religion, nationalism, fear or political ideologies. It’s not the vehicle that is the problem, it’s the message you promote through it.

Here I am, Mr. Pakistan

Mr. West Pakistan will be turning 65 on Tuesday. The retiree has come a long way since his birth. Unfortunately, now deathly ill, Mr. Pakistan is desperately seeking a cure for the diseases that ravage his body after years of negligence.


Pakistan’s Present Socio-Political Situation in the Light of Yeats’ The Second Coming

“The second Coming” by W. B. Yeats mirrors the declining socio-political and spiritual conditions of Ireland after World War 1, which can be applied to the decaying social and political situation of the present Pakistan. Yeats, in this poem, describes that it is the individual who is responsible for the barrenness in the country. Socio-political situation of a country reflects the inclinations of its individuals.

Pressing Need to Boost Education

By Wasim Zaidi
Los Angeles , CA

Pakistan has one of the worst education balance sheets in the world with almost 50 million adults (80 % female), 10 million children not attending primary schools and an official literacy rate of only 38 %.