Annual Haleem Party Organized by the South Florida Chapter

Communication & Media Cell; South Florida | The 2013’ annual Haleem party was organized by South Florida Chapter under the banner of “Rights & Time for Pakistani young generation”. Office bearers, workers of the chapter and people in large number from all nationalities and Pakistani residing in Miami, Broward County, West Palm Beach, Florida and its adjacent vicinities attended the event. The Haleem Party event was also attended by Doctors and social workers of Hindu community.

Chapter In charge Altaf Ahmed was speaking to the guests; he said that all of us should play our part against the problems we are facing as global community. He said that we have to realize that what kind of sacrifices we gave to gain this land “Pakistan’ and how we need to serve her now. He said that MQM is the only hope for a better future of Pakistan and a best place to serve the humanity regardless of any race and religion. 

He said that all people need is their rights and they will start understanding the responsibilities they owe towards their country.