Atlanta Chapterer celebrates 38th Foundation Day of APMSO & Annual Iftar Dinner

Communication & Media Cell; Atlanta | The program was attended by Central Organizer of MQM USA Mateen Yousuf, Member COC Kamran Haider, Zonal Organizer South East Syed Farrukh, Zonal Organizer Bushra Saqib, Chapter Committee Members Zahid Ghazipura, Rizwan Hashmi, Sidra Rahman, Mahvash Zahra, Zia Rahman along with large number of workers supporters and their families.

Addressing the attendees Mateen Yousuf shed light on the inception of the philosophy of Realism & Practicalism. He said that it has been 69 years of the existence of Pakistan, yet Mohajirs have not been accepted as the son of the soils. Our forefathers gave 2 million plus lives to create Pakistan and we, their descendants are still facing discrimination every day. The Movement that Mr. Altaf Hussain started in 1978 shattered the dreams of the Status Quo and Feudal System to occupy Pakistan and treat Pakistanis as their slaves. He said that Mr. Hussain showed the poor and middle class the way to the assemblies of Pakistan and that is what the ruling elite never liked. They have constantly been busy hatching conspiracies against MQM by either raising operations or labeling Mohajir nation as Indian agents. He further said that Allah has promised that he will reward for your hard work and struggle and Quaid's struggle is 40 years long and a two months old Establishment's created group of thugs can never ever come even close to our sacrifices & struggle.

Kamran Haider gave details on the social & humanitarian activities that MQM has so far rendered across the globe specially in Pakistan. He said that it is the vision of our leader that since its creation MQM has been helping the poor and needy beyond their cast, color or religion. No matter we are in Pakistan or USA we have been helping out people. Khidmat-e-Khalaq Foundation is dispersing millions of rupees worth of good among needy. KKF have a web of ambulances in Karachi. MQM has also given extreme importance to Education and have founded Nazeer Hussain University along with several other projects in Karachi.

Syed Farrukh said that Establishment has always been staging conspiracies against Mohajirs by creating monsters like Haqiqi, PPI or PSP but what they do not understand that Mohajir Nation has only one unanimous leader by the name of Altaf Hussain. Until the Establishment accepts the mandate of Mohajir nation you will not see prosperity in Pakistan as Mohajirs are the leading economy force of Pakistan.

Bushra Saqib while addressing the gathering said that Mr. Altaf Hussain is the first leader who not only raised voice for the rights of women but gave women a fair share in the political system of Pakistan. It is the vision of Mr. Hussain that today women are one of the leading power within MQM. These are the teachings of our beloved leader that our monthers, sisters and daughters feel as secure in our political gatherings as they are in their own home. She requested all the women of Atlanta to step up and join the movement of Haqparasti.

Rizwan Hashmi  thanked all the attendees of the night to spare time to celebrate the 38th Foundation day of APMSO. He specially thanked all the workers & supporter who always finance the programs of MQM by their donations. Rizwan Hashmi also introduced the Chapter Committee to the people of Atlanta Chapter.

Earlier the program was started with the beautiful recitation of Holy Quran by Baby Izma Siddiqui.

Incharge of Youth wing Atlanta Ayesha Rahman beautifully hosted the evening.