Baltimore Chapter celebrates 29th Foundation Day of MQM

Communication & Media Cell; Baltimore, 31st March 2013: Baltimore Chapter hosted a gathering of MQM workers and supporters to celebrate 29th foundation day of MQM. Amongst the attendees were Baltimore Chapter In-Charge Aneel Rizvi accompanied by member of Communication and Media Cell of MQM USA Syed Muhammad Haider along with committee members, workers and supporters. The program started off with Chapter In-Charge Aneel Rizvi paying tribute to MQM founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain and his 29 years of struggle for the people of Pakistan.

He urged the workers and supporters of MQM in Baltimore Chapter to spread the message of Mr. Altaf Hussain in Pakistani community. Muhammad Haider shared his thoughts about the struggle and achievements of MQM for the common people of Pakistan. He shared his experience and teaching of APMSO and highlighted the history that how MQM transformed from a student party into a Political movement. In the end; special prayer was held paying tribute to those martyred in the past 29 years, as well as for well-being and long life of Mr. Altaf Hussain.