Is Delimitation without census alone in Karachi is fair with the people of Karachi?
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During the hearing of “Karachi violence case” an honorable judge passed a comment about Karachi which was like “Delimitation in Karachi is required to break the MONOPOLY of one political party”. The use of word “Monopoly” is considered disrespectful towards those people who voted for that particular party.

If we start analyzing the constituencies in other areas of Pakistan; from the eyes of that judge we can see the monopoly by PPP in Larkana and monopoly of PMLN in Lahore. Why didn’t the Supreme Court order the Delimitation of other cities and why Karachi only? Is ordering delimitation is the job of Supreme Court? What is the constitutional process of delimitation? Didn’t we have to do the census first then delimitation?
Was it fair to ask for delimitation in just one city and using the word Monopoly for people’s mandate?

The biggest problem Pakistan is facing now is that EVERY institution has a mentality of "I AM THE KING". Judges in judiciary are respectable and should they want to enjoy that respect in future, they must act accordingly. The remark of the judge is completely "unconstitutional" and "unethical". It is the basic right of the people to chose someone to lead them and they can do it again and again as in case of Karachi. Seems like some of the judges have completely forgotten what they are there for and what constitution says. They should be send back to the Law School for another 10 years.

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