Detroit Chapter Celebrated 38th Youm-E-Tasees of APMSO

Communication and Media Cell, MQM USA | Detroit, MI | The Detroit Chapter of MQM USA hosted a community picnic and a BBQ party to commemorate the 38th Youm-E-Tasees (Foundation Day) of APMSO.

On this occasion, a public gathering was held in a local community park, which was attended by Zonal In-Charge Rehan Ibadat, Chapter In-Charge Mohammed Nizamuddin, Joint In-Charge of Communication and Media Cell Shariq Sajjad, Senior MQM USA Worker, Amir Qazi, Joint Chapter In-Charges Hasan Tasleem and Anas Mustafa, along with rest of chapter committee and large number of supporters and members of Pakistani diaspora.

The program started out as Chapter In-Charge Nizam Mohammed welcomed all participants and expressed heartiest congratulation on 38th Youm-E-Tasees of APMSO to all community members. He further went on to educate the attendees on Quaid-E-Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain’s hard work and struggle in early days of APMSO, which led to the formation of MQM.

Furthermore, Zonal In-Charge Rehan Ibadat, said shed light on MQM recent victory in By-Election in Karachi, and highlighted the political deprivation and alienation Citizens of Urban Sindh are facing on daily basis. Additionally, he highlighted MQM’s charitable acitivites that are carried under the banner of its sister organization Khidmat-E-Khalk Foundation (KKF), and asked all attendees to contribute in our ongoing Zakat & Fitra campaign enabling KKF to continue serving the needy and deprived.

Lastly, workers and supporters celebrated; as MQM’s melodies erupted and a cake-cutting ceremony was held, in which a wonderful cake decorated in MQM’s colors was cut with joy.