Detroit Chapter Observed Youm-e-Shuhada (Martyr’s Day)

Communication & Media Cell; Detroit, MI |  MQM USA Detroit Chapter observed “Martyr’s Day” (Youm-E-Shuhada) in remembrance of Mr. Altaf Hussain’s elder brother Nasir Hussain, nephew Arif Hussain and thousands of MQM martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the righteous cause.

The event was attended by MQM USA’s Central Organizing Committee (C. O. C.) member Amir Qazi, Helping Committee member Rehan Ibadat & Central Media Cell Joint In-Charge Shariq Sajjad, along with large numbers of workers and supporters from local Pakistani diaspora.

The program started with recitation of Holly Quran, in welcoming the participants the Joint In-Charges of Detroit Chapter Hasan Tasleem and Syed Anas Mustafa welcomed the participants, and congratulated them on recent MQM’s victory in LB Polls. In their joint statement they stated that initially we intended to hold jubilant celebrations to commemorate the land sliding victory, but due to Martyr’s Day coinciding, we opted to pay tribute to our Martyr’s and remember those who rendered countless sacrifices and eventually there life for this movement.

Addressing the attendees, MQM USA’s C.O.C. member Mr. Amir Qazi, he termed the month of December as “The Month of Martyrs”, recalling the horrifying incidence of 9th December 1995, Martyrs Day; 14th December 1986, Qasba Aligarh massacre and 16th December 1971, Fall of Dhaka. Furthermore, he paid great tribute to the founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain for maintaining his composure and keeping the party and workers unified in great times of distress.

While addressing the attendees, Senior Worker Touqeer Ul-Hassan in his stated that history has witnessed that MQM has not forgotten the sacrifices of its martyrs. It has attained highest position because of them, which has paved the way for our destination. In a brief statement, Helping Committee Member Rehan Ibadat, urged MQM’s workers, office bearers and supporters not to forget the sacrifices of martyrs; he went on to reiterate that Mr. Altaf Hussain is the founder of MQM and enemies of our movement should understand that founders’ cannot be replaced; and deplored all forces working to conspire MQM minus Altaf Hussain formula.

In concluding, Fatiha Khawni (prayer) was offered for the martyrs of the movement, including the brother and nephew of Mr. Altaf Hussain, Convener of MQM Dr. Imran Farooq asking Allah (SWT) to granting then highest place heaven. Lastly, a special prayer was offered for well-being and long life of Quaid-e-Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain.