Do you think that the recent statement of Mr. Altaf Hussain is an eye opener for the Pakistani Nation?
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Mr. Altaf Hussain in his recent statement cautioned that the security, sovereignty and integrity of the country were under threat. He said that existence of Pakistan is at stake and this is the time for broader national reconciliation to safeguard the interests of Pakistan.

Mr. Hussain urged the political leadership to convene round table conference to come out with a common strategy for the security and integrity of Pakistan.

Do you agree with the statement of Mr. Altaf Hussain ? What should be the role of Pakistani politicians in this time of crisis ? How can we change the failed domestic and foreign policies of Pakistan ? What kind of role media should play for national unity in Pakistan ? How prepared are we to face any external threats ?

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Fawad Rehman

اگر اب نہیں جاگے تو کبھی نہیں جاگے گیں

Wasim Zaidi

Agree 100%. Makes sense. Period.

Muhammad Haider

This is an eye opening statement for Pakistani politician, Establishment and people of Pakistan.The geopolitical situation is not in the favor of Pakistan and we have no concrete foreign policy. Pakistan cannot run with these ad hoc policies. Now or never, all political parties including establishment need to sit down and come up with a solution. This is a great effort by Altaf Bhai and MQM to bring every political party together leaving all the differences behind.


QET Altaf Hussain Bhai has been pointing out these things for a while. Perhaps now is the time we forget about our personal differences and think as a nation to save our country before it is too late.

Sheikh Mohammad Nehad Saleem

Off course I agree with his statement. The recent bill passed in the US Senate is surely directing us towards the threats Mr. Altaf Hussain had pointed out. It is high time that national unity should be established to fight the up coming challenges.

Saqib Mohiuddin

Pakistan has never been in this fragile position ever. We have enemies outside and within. We have to not only secure our borders but have to take care of elements like Taliban and criminal organizations like PAC who work as hands of PAC.

Altaf Hussains lecture is the mirror of the current situation and is the need of the time.

People must stand up and unite. If we do not unite now to defend Pakistan all anti Pakistan forces will succeed.


Well it is: but unfortunately we are tied up in different groups/ethnicities which is dragging nation nowhere. I appreciate the vision of Mr. Altaf Hussain and it really inspired me as usual. He is the one who always address the issue before it actually happens. Now his statement can work to wakeup the nation to stand together and just think about to country not to our vested interests only.
I know its time for election and everybody is so desperate of their campaigns but tell you frankly don’t leave any loop hole open for enemies to take advantage of that;
Worst is still not over and I also like to take advantage of the holy month by forgiving each others disputes and just try understanding the depth of his statement and if you still doubt then look into the track record of his statements.
The way he organizes the party and his struggle despite of various kickoff situations are enough to understand I like to salute him for having a keen eye on sovereignty of the country and thinking


We should listen to Mr. Altaf Hussain. This is not the first time, he has shown the real picture to the Pakistani people but yes the time is critical for Pakistan. Our ruling elite should come forward and unite all political forces on one agenda to save Pakistan.
Yes, Media has an important role to play and they should show national character with the strong messages for national unity in the country.
We cannot rule out the external threats until and unless we stand like a united Pakistan.

Danish Kazi

Well Altaf Bhai has led us thru all these years . Thru time of turmoil and genocide. From mere inhabitants. His leadership has made us proud citizens of Pakistan. All these years his vision has been proven true . I strongly belief that what Altaf Bhai has Said in his statement is nothing but the fact. People might doubt but then again they would bite the dust and once again the statesmanship of QET Altaf Bhai would be proved.


Yes you are absolutely right. We have only one leader with vision in Pakistan and denying him is not a solution. If we need a safer and prosper Pakistan then we have to listen to what Mr. Hussain is saying.

Kunwar Moeez Khan

I am in 100% agreement with QET ALTAF Hussain Bhai not just because that I am an ordinary worker of MQM. Rather more concrete reasons which are clearly visible to me through social, electronic & print media. We have troubles with the Afghan border, we have Taliban inmates deeply penetrated all over the country. They are being harboured as well as taken care off. We have other potent negative aspects effecting our foreign as well as domestic policies that need to be taken care of. But on the other hand two major giants are playing tug of war with each other and destroying whatever prestige is left of our Institutions. Therefore, it is humbly requested that they may set aside their differences for now and concentrate on making Pakistan prosperous as its going to be declared a Rouge State soon enough if our foreign policies and economic policies are not revisited and rectified.

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