Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif PhD, deputy convenor of MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) was unlawfully abducted and brutally tortured to death whilst in custody.

On Saturday 13th January 2018, during a meeting of the office bearers of the MQM, Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif, age 73, informed those present at the meeting that he would leave early to see his daughter who was visiting from London. After the meeting, around 4pm PKT/11am GMT, he left to see his daughter and since then his whereabouts became unknown to his colleagues as well as his family members for a time period of almost 24 hours.

 His location came to light this morning when Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif’s dead body, located on the rear seat of his car, was found in the coastal suburbs of Karachi, Ibrahim Hadry. This was a result of an unlawful abduction, which happened soon after Arif left his meeting yesterday where he had been relentlessly tortured to death whilst in custody.

Dr. Hassan Zafar Arif PhD, was a trusted right-hand man of the founder & leader of the MQM, Mr Altaf Hussain. He was also a social worker and human rights activist, who always raised his voiced for the oppressed citizens of Pakistan - the Mohajir Nation in particular. Arif was an asset to the MQM and his continuous services to humanity will always be remembered.