Gahwara-e-Adab Philadelphia arranged evening in remembrance of Madam Talat ASharat

Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA, and December 1st 2012:  (Report) Gahwara-e-Adab Philadelphia and literary society of Greater Philadelphia arranged a literary evening in remembrance of the first death anniversary of Madam Talat Asharat (late). The Council General of Pakistan from New York Mr. Faqeer Syed Asif Hussain was the guest of honor. The other special guests of the evening were the Patron-in-Charge of MQM North America Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and Professor Mamoon Aiman. The different people from Philadelphia attended the evening which include professor Zameer-ul-Hasan, Rana Taj and Aijaz Sabir. Mr. Mateen Yusuf from Maryland conducted the evening beautifully with his literary style. The first part of the ceremony was dedicated to Madam ASharat’s book “Fun aur Shahsiyat” launching.  Dr. Sabiha Saba shed light on the beautiful poetic style of Talat Asharat.  She talked about one of Madam Asharat’s book. Raees Warsi, the president of “Urdu Markaz New York” shared her journey of starting the poetry. Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that we always saw a shinning name of the literary community of Philadelphia in the evening of Philadelphia. The main aspect of her personality was her love and affection towards she had for everyone. Mamoon Aiman shared some of her verses in his speech. The guest of honor, Mr. Faqeer Syed said that I never had opportunity of meeting with Madam Asharat but read many of her poems and literature in newspapers in USA. She was a very patriotic lady and had lots of love for Pakistan.

Award distribution was the next part of the ceremony in which first award was given to Madam Asharat on her book. That award was presented to Mr. Faqeer Syed by Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.  The second award was given to a famous Urdu poet of North America Khalid Irfan by the in charge of Gahwara Adab Parvez Farooqui and the president of literary society Taqi Kamal. The third award was given to the madam Asharat’s husband Mr. Moeen Khan on remembering the work of Madam Ashrat for literature which was presented by Raees Warsi.

Muhammad Arshad Hussain, Shah Seemab Fatima, Mahfouz Haidri, Aijaz Sabir, Tony Javaid, Muhammad Ayud Zargar, Ghazi Salahuddin, Ghansham Gupta,  Taqi Kamal, Parvaiz Farooqui, Jameel Usman, Dr. Shafeeq, Altaf Tirmizi , Zareen Yasmeen, Raees Warsi, Khalid Irfan, Dr. Sahba Saba, Mr. Faqeer Syed and president of the evening Mamoon Aiman shared their literature and poetries.

The evening continued till late night.