MQM Los Angeles Chapter celebrated QET Altaf Hussain Bhai 64th Birthday

MQM Los Angeles Chapter celebrated QET Altaf Hussain Bhai 64th Birthday. Birthday celebration was held at Mehfil restaurant. Many MQM workers, supporters and families attended the celebration including women and children. On this occasion MQM Rabita Committee member Shahid Mustafa and MQM USA member of central coordination committee Adnan Naqvi were also present. Chapter Incharge Muhammad Akif welcomed the guests and emphasized on the importance of Quaid e Tehrik's struggle for the freedom of Mohajirs from the atrocities of establishment and army. Adnan Naqvi while addressing the workers and supporters condemned the acts of defectors and traitors of Mohajir nation who are serving the interests of establishment and army for the sake of their personal objectives and personal gains. He said no one can replace Altaf Hussain as the founder, leader and rightful owner of MQM and he will always be the father of Mohajir nation. Speaking at this occasion, rabita committee member Shahid Mustafa highlighted all the sacrifices Mohajirs have made to create the country and now we have to be prepared to do the same for our freedom. He asked everyone to take the vows to stay loyal to Quaid e Tehrik till the very end. 

Everyone gathered around to sing along "Tajdeed e Ahd e Wafa" song in chorus. After that a big and decorated cake was cut by all the women supporters and workers.