MQM USA Announces Series of Demonstrations in Washington DC

MQM USA Announces Series of Demonstrations in Washington DC

MQM USA General Workers Meeting Held – Youm-E-Shuhada to be observed with great esteem & honor

Dec 4th, 2017, Communication and Media Cell, MQM USA | MQM USA Central Organizing Committee (COC) held a General Worker’s Meeting (via Tele-Conference). The meeting was attended by Central Organizer Rehan Ibadat, Joint Organizers Matloob Zaidi, Adnan Naqvi, and Sohail Shams, members of Central Organizing Committee Imran Hussain, Shahid Farhad, Saqib Mohiuddin, Shariq Sajjad, Sohial Yousuf, Mehfooz Hydari, Nizamuddin Muhammad, Anjum Arif, Syed Osama Hassan, Izhar Khan, Khursheed Ul-Haq, Chapter In-Charges, various wings, along with large numbers of workers from all across United States.

Addressing from the General Worker’s Meeting, Central Organizer Rehan Ibadat briefed the participants on latest political developments in Pakistan. In his address he emphasized the need for unity in such testing times, and called on all workers to remain steadfast on the message and vision of their founder and leader, Mr. Altaf Hussain. He went on to term December as the “Month of Martyrs”, and in paying tribute to our Martyr’s asked all to organize Youm-E-Shuhada programs in their local chapters.

In announcing the future course of action, Mr. Ibadat announced a series of protests and peaceful demonstration to be held in Washington D.C. in the coming weeks. He went on to elaborate, that large numbers of workers and supporters from 23 chapters all across the United States will gather in nation’s capital, (Washington D.C.) on Dec 15th - 17th; during this time we will hold peaceful demonstrations at Pakistan Embassy (Dec 15th), White House (Dec 16th). Alongside, demonstrations, we will also host a series of organizational programs, public gatherings and seminar on various topics, including Importance of Social Media, Organizational Sessions and etc.

Furthermore, Mr. Ibadat also announced that a Protest Committee has been formed under the leadership of Central Organizing Committee member Izhar Khan, the team includes cross functional members from COC, various chapters and wings within our organizations. He thanked the team for their hard work in such short time, and encouraged them to continue working day and night in making this demonstration a success.

In concluding, a special prayer was held paying tribute to the martyrs of the movement, along with long line and well-being of MQM’s Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain.