MQM USA is organizing 9th Semi-Annual Convention “Overseas Pakistanis Convention”

Overseas Pakistanis, Workers and Supporters from all over the USA are attending this Semi-Annual event of MQM USA

Communication & Media Cell, Washington DC; Nov 20th 2012: MQM USA is organizing 9th Semi-Annual Convention of MQM USA from Dec 14th till Dec 15th of 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. The central organizing committee arranged a meeting to discuss the preparation of the semi-annual convention. The Central Organizer of MQM USA Junaid Fahmi, Joint Central Organizer Arshad Hussain, NadeemSiddiqui and the member of Central Organizing Committee MQM USA were present in the meeting. The committee decided to start the campaign for the convention among eighteen cities of USA to make the presence of hundreds of overseas Pakistanis, workers and supporters possible in the convention. The central organizing committee has decided to name the convention as “Overseas Pakistanis Convention”.

MQM USA Central organizing committee has showed their confidence on Detroit Chapter on the preparation of this convention and praised the efforts of the workers of Detroit chapter who are trying to make this event successful. 

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