MQM USA Press Conference

Dear Journalists, media persons and attendees,
Today we the members of Central Organizing Committee Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) USA, representing the 4th largest political party of Pakistan have gathered here to make you aware of recent developments that have occurred in Pakistan, and particularly concerning the War Against Terrorism in the region, that United States and other NATO countries are engaged in.  

Muttahida Quami Movement and its founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain have always been the lone voices against widespread of extremism and Talibanization. While many chose to ignore the topic, or appeared with an apologetic mindset. Mr. Altaf Hussain from day one has stood steadfast. Following the 9/11 attacks, MQM was the only organization that organized a million-men march against extremism and terror funding in the region. Contrary to this, all other political stakeholders were busy in condemning the War Against Terrorism. Same was true on December 16, 2014, when terrorist openly marched into Peshawar’s Army Public School and killed 148 people, mostly young innocent student. It was only MQM and Mr. Altaf Hussain, once again raised his voice against extremism, while others continued to sell their dodge the issues in many ways.
My dear Journalists and Media persons

It is no secret that Pakistan Army, and its intelligence wing Inter-Service Intelligence, also known as ISI was the pioneer of Talibanization, and promoting the jihadist or anti-west mindset in the region. Long after the cold-war ended, Pakistan and its ISI continued to support and help flourish the jihadist networks and on numerous occasions called them their strategic assets.

In the past week, the ISI apprised the world by announcing “Voluntarily Surrender”, followed by a “Confessional Video” of one of their strategic assets, Ehsanullah Ehsan (Actual Name: Liaquat Ali), a former spokesperson on TehreekE-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), who later joined the splinter group Jamat-Ul-Ahrar, and became its spokesperson. This comes at a time where ISIS is progressing with its activities in full-swing in the region, to whom both of Ehsan's parent organizations have sworn an allegiance to. 

Both, TTP & Jamat-Ul-Ahrar are widely known as terrorist organizations killing over 80,000 civilians and military officials in Pakistan. The confessional video has appeared to be the biggest joke in Pakistan’s 69-year history. The video, which was directed by Inter-Service Public Relation’s group (ISPR), presents Ehsan as a saint in an attempted to blaming “External Forces” and other nations for unrest in Pakistan, same rhetoric thatPakistan has been trying to unsuccessfully sell for years.

It is not secret either, that the international community, along with our beloved United States has always questioned Pakistan’s commitment in the War Against Terrorism and the two-faced approach in which the military promises action, but in return world witnesses’ sanctuary’s and safe heavens of Taliban in the heart of Pakistan. All this, while Pakistan has inherited large sums of money from International community to fund its war against terrorism. United States alone, has contributed an excess sum of $20 Billion since 9/11 to defense purposes alone. Contrary to popular belief, much of this sum is invested by Pakistan Military, specifically ISI, without any check and balances. In simple words, our tax dollar is going to fund these heinous state policies of Pakistan.

The much-sold saint-hood of Ehsanullah Ehsan has not fared well with the citizens of Pakistan. An effort to rebrand a hard-core terrorist and claim sympathy isn’t what Pakistan and its oppressed citizens are seeking after sacrificing massively in this war. Ehsan, was missing from the scene for quite a lengthy period before resurface enjoying the luxurious custody of ISI, this has raised significant concerns from local and international observers, who have questioned his body language in a perpetrated act to fool the world.

As Pakistan and its military wings begins to sell this so-called "Sainthood" under the umbrella of its progress towards peace in the region. ISI has continued to target the most liberal and progressive political party, MQM. Whose workers have been subjected to enforced disappearances, extra judicial killings, human rights violations as noted by US State Dept., United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and numerous other organizations. In continuing this act of barbarianism, the military establishment went on to issue a gag-order barring all media outlets from broadcasting any speeches, statement or picture of MQM's Founder Mr. Altaf Hussain.

The timing of this gag-order becomes significant, as it occurred at a time when ISI, and handful of political parties adopted an apologetic viewpoint, terming their terrorists and mass murderers as "Our Disheartened Brother" or the differentiating between "Good Taliban's" and "Bad Taliban's". However, we are thankful to bold and charismatic leadership of Mr. Altaf Hussain; with his continued efforts, he kept Pakistan from becoming a sanctuary and penitential state. Mr. Hussain, has been vocal advocate against any type of clemency or compromise based agreements, and has always demanded strictest of punishment for these culprits.

Mr. Altaf Hussain's advocacy for the nation of Pakistan and against the militants backed by ISI, has always resulted in harmful means for MQM and 60 million Muhajir's. As a result, countless of MQM's office bearers and elected representatives were murdered by Taliban, numerous grenade attacks and bomb blasts were staged at MQM rallies; none of which were investigated let alone arresting the perpetrators; meanwhile the Taliban’s continued to claim responsibility and vowed for stricter consequence, if MQM did mend it ways to suit the. If all of this wasn't enough against Muhajir's, the state of Pakistan joined the oppression and utilized the para-military force to sabotage and dismantle MQM, through means deemed inhumane.

Despite remaining loyal to the state of Pakistan and its constitution, and apologizing twice for any mistakes Mr. Altaf Hussain may have committed; the state remains unmoved. Meanwhile, actively exhausting all its resources to attain forgiveness for the enemies of the world. It is important to mention that we have long maintained a position of not engaging in any dialogue or reaching a settlement with those who refuse to accept the constitution of Pakistan.

ISI has a long history of sheltering Taliban. It also is no secret, that the most wanted person in the world (Enemy #1) was found in the back-yard of Abbottabad Military Base; aided and sheltered by Pakistani institutions; and in recent days’ reports have surface that the leader of Al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawari is also being sheltered somewhere in southern Pakistan, reportedly by ISI as well.

With Mr. Altaf Hussain silenced, as the state of Pakistan is flexing its muscles towards providing safe heavens and positive rebranding to militant outfits.

Pakistan, along with rest of the world face a new and unique challenge which can leave a lasting impact in the region. It was Mr. Altaf Hussain, who first alerted local and international media of widespread of Talibanization in Pakistan, as these terrorists were being moved around and safe heavens were being formed in different areas of the country, particularly Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan, and its financial hub.

In concluding, we the members of Pakistani diaspora appeal to the international community to not fall prey to the heinous act of Pakistan Military establishment and take stern measure to ensure accountability and justice upon Pakistan state intuitions, as well as democratically elected government to prevent the world from witnessing such tragic losses.

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