New Jersey Chapter organized Membership camp
Communication & Media Cell; New Jersey, 10th December 2014; New Jersey chapter organised membership camp as part of ongoing MQM USA campaign to invite Pakistani community to join MQM.
Membership camp was attended by Joint Oranginzer Mohammed Arshad Hussain, Chapter Incharge Shawn Bhai, Asim Ahmed, Member of Central helping committee, Huda Khan, Organizer of Dubai along with workers of New Jersey Chapter.
Supporters of MQM and members of Pakistani community join MQM in large numbers.
Joint Organizer Mohammed Arshad Hussain shed light on the struggle of MQM to bring peaceful change in Pakistan. He said that Mr. Altaf Hussain has sacrificed everything for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. Chapter Incharge of New Jersey  prayed for the martyrs of MQM and long life of Mr. Altaf Hussain.