In Quaid’s Pakistan Independence is a Responsibility not a Privilege: Are you ready to play your part?
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On this 66th Independence Day of Pakistan on 14th August 2012, let us prepare ourselves to discuss this theme and to commit ourselves at least one cause for the betterment of Pakistan no matter how small it is. MQM has a remarkable history of no compromises on Pakistan’s security, even during the worst days of operation cleanup in 1992 when more than 15000 workers of MQM were brutally murdered. Mr. Altaf Hussain always teaches the lessons of patriotism to his workers and instructs them to keep the prosperity and safety of Pakistan on top of their priorities. These are his unmatched efforts that a whole new generation of Pakistan has been nurtured with patriotism. Also, in the midst of the several crises, MQM always pointed out that the freedom is a journey not a destination. Today, as we are caught in a spiral of unprecedented devastated turmoil, we write to remind ourselves that independence is a responsibility not a privilege.

Our freedom may not be perfect, but it is a blessing we must cherish nonetheless. It is part of that responsibility to make the quality of that freedom better for each successive generation. We have not done a good job of meeting this responsibility but our morals are high to keep our journey continue. This year we face the additional responsibility to play our collective and/or individual part in bringing national harmony to this country. This responsibility is just one part of the greater responsibility that we must all remember on this day. This is a responsibility to make the experience of freedom for each subsequent generation more complete and more profound.

Please share with us what you will do this Independence Day as a part of your responsibility in bringing prosperity and strength to Pakistan.

Let us end with the song that has played on the pages of our minds each year on this day as we celebrate our patriotism. Indeed, YEH WATAN HAMARA HEY……………………….


Zeeshan Mirza

I'm not and even if Im, I won't be able to play my part sucessfully. Reason? Because there 2 kinds of Pakistanis exists, first kind does not have to prove that they are true patriotic and other ones has been trying to prove their patriotism since ever...... In my opinion patriotism is a disease that helps grow HATE bacterias.

Danish Kazi

Behind getting this nation. There is a lot of sacrifice both living and financial. Our forefathers took painful measures for getting this nation for their posterity. It's our responsibility to keep the flag flying and more responsibility to salvage this nation for our coming generations. Quaid's Pakistan was for all who chose to be on our side of the border irrelevant of the caste, creed , religion or ethnicity in line with the teachings of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) . Our Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai as our leader guides in the same line and vision. I feel to get Pakistan back on track in line with Quaid e Azam's Vision . We chose rightly. MQM is that choice.


We are ready to play our part in eradicating the menace of fuedalism, extremism, terrorism & corruption from Pakistan.
It is now or never situation for Pakistan so the Nation has to come forward to save their beloved motherland.

Mohammed Khan

Indeed MQM has delivered and Ideally the only party which can bring the "Real Change" in Pakistan .....


I'll celebrate the independence of Pakistan by practicing the independence of mind.... by breaking free from the deafening "Sweet Talk" about green land and high mountains.... by breaking the false idols of twisted religious dogma... and simply trying to make sense of the idea of a "Free and Independent Pakistani".... If it made sense 66 years ago, it must make sense now.

Fawad Rehman

Even though we got our geographical independence in 1947, about 65 years ago but our mental independence is still slave of feudalism, Racism, extremism and Mullaism. In 65 years Independence should have been a privilege in Pakistan where our freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of Religion and freedom of belief should be guaranteed but unfortunately our independence turns out to be responsibility in Pakistan to protect with excess baggage.

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