Shouldn’t Punjab government be held responsible for the deaths due to consumption of poisonous cough syrup in Punjab?
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Recently in Punjab due to consumption of a “cough syrup” 40 people lost their lives. This happened more than twice in the month of December. This time the incident happened in Gujranwala. Another 54 people thought to have consumed the syrup are also being treated at city hospitals.

This is not the first incident Punjab faces. In the month of November; 23 people died due to another cough syrup named “Tyno”. This time official said that victims drank number of different brands, which means that there are many poisonous brands out in the market. Both times officials allegedly called victims the drug addicts who consumed the drug to get high.

Isn’t this raising the questions whether the victims were drug addicts or not but availability of poisonous medicines in the market is considered the negligence of the health Ministry of the province? Most of the ministries in Punjab are running under chief Minister of Punjab including health Ministry, doesn’t this raise question mark on his performance and capability? The repetition of the incidents showed that government of Punjab did not take proper measures to save people lives in future.

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