Youm-E-Dua: Detroit Chapter Prayed for Long Life and Well-Being for Mr. Altaf Hussian

Communication and Media Cell, Detroit, MI | Detroit Chapter of MQM USA held a prayer session for well-being and long life of MQM Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. The event was attended by senior MQM USA member, Muhammad Amir Qazi, Helping Committee member Rehan Ibadat, Communication and Media Cell Joint In-Charge Shairq Sajjad, Chapter In-Charge Muhammad Nizamuddin, Joint In-Charges Hasan Tasleem and Anas Mustafa, along with workers and local member of Pakistani community. The attendees participated in Khatam (Completion) of Surah-e-Rahman and Surah-e-Muzammil.

In concluding all attendees participated in General Dua, organized centrally via a conference call. All prayed for better health, well-being, for victory in bogus cases and against the evil forces.