Protest at White House against State Atrocities & Persecution of Mohajirs in Pakistan

Protest against State Atrocities & Persecution of Mohajirs in Pakistan

MQM USA to hold demonstration at White House in condemning the barbarianism of LEAs at Yadgar-E-Shuhada

MQM USA Observed Youm-E-Shuhada

We Condemn The Dual Standard and Brutal Acts of Pakistan’s LEAs, COC MQM-USA

Dec. 9th, 2017 - Communication & Media Cell, MQM USA| MQM USA observed Youm-E-Shuhada, gatherings were held in MQM’s chapters all across the United States. Addressing from a gathering in Detroit, Central Organizer Mr. Rehan Ibadat condemned inhumane and unethical acts of Pakistan’s Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) in which, thousands of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) workers and supporters had gathered in Azizabad locality of Karachi, Pakistan in remembrance of thousands of MQM workers and supporters along with Nasir Hussain, elder brother of MQM Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain, and nephew Arif Hussain who lost their life righteous cause and embraced martyrdom.

In a joint statement Central Organizer and members of the central organizing committee MQM USA said that LEA’s interjected forcefully and obstructed the citizens from their basic right to remember their loved ones, and withheld them from paying tribute to the sacrifice of the martyrs. They forceful stopped the crowd with an iron-clad like approach in abusing and physically assaulting the attendees by batons and other weaponry, specifically to a crowd mostly consisting of ladies and kids and elderly’s

Such brutal acts, of barbarianism defines state’s two-faced approach of Pakistan and its Military Establishment, who orchestrated Faizabad Sit-ins and were later found distributing cash rewards amongst the hosts, and restricted any action against the protestors who illegally blocked the capital and referred to them as their “Own People”, despite numerous court order. On the other hand, in Karachi, we witnessed wholesome different State of Pakistan who prevented innocent unarmed citizens from reaching the Yadgar-E-Shuhada (Martyr’s Monument), entrances to the martyr’s graveyard was blocked.

In light of such, violations of basic human rights and freedom. MQM USA announces to hold peaceful demonstration at Pakistan embassy Washington on Friday Dec. 15th 2017 and at White House on Saturday, Dec. 16th. 2017. We will raise our voice in exposing the State of Pakistan, and its LEA’s vicious acts on peaceful and unarmed civilians.